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Better Versions of the food you love!

We are a Colorado-born fast casual restaurant that cooks everything from scratch with premium ingredients. The restaurant was founded by three friends looking to serve their community healthier, cleaner versions of foods they already love. The menu features all-natural, vegetarian fed, hormone free, antibiotic free, free range chicken. We serve it fried & roasted. Fried chicken is the specialty of the house! We bread it in gluten free rice flour & pressure fry it in a GMO free rice bran oil. It’s everything you love about fried chicken but much better for you! We have world class fried chicken sandwiches, sharable family meals, kids meals & a selection of vegetarian & vegan sides and salads. Our first location opened in an old Taco Bell building in Vail, Colo. in 2012. Since then, tWe have opened four additional locations in Colorado! We plans to continue to expand in the years ahead. We want to share our passion for great food & customer service with as many people as possible!