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The internet is instant & all, but here at Yellowbelly we need some time to get all this together. Please give us a 48 hour heads up for ONLINE catering requests. Less than that please call & we'll do out best to accommodate.

Need same day catering? Have less than 10 people? No problem, just call us!

  1. For $11 per person we offer Chicken (All Fried, All Roasted or Mix of both) & 3 sides or salads. The price includes delivery & set up. If you would like more service for your function let us know & we will do our best to accommodate you.
  2. What would you like:

  3. **The seasonal sides may change from day to day, so that we may offer the highest quality ingredients that are available at that time. For orders that are more than 7 days out, please feel free to choose any of the seasonal sides noted below. For orders less than 7 days out, seasonal sides may vary based on availability. If you have a preference, please choose from the drop down list to let us know what will or will not work for your needs. We're happy to wing it for you if you're gamblin' folk, otherwise please use the wish list box to request a phone call or email from a member of our team to review the available options for your order!
  4. Additional Sides ($2 per person)

  5. Drinks ($2 each)

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