Election season. Football season. The World Series. It’s a pretty exciting and confusing world we live in. That’s why we like to keep our agenda simple. Natural Chicken, Fresh Sides. We make it from scratch, always with quality ingredients, and we make it delicious.

We spend a lot of time talking with our regulars about what it is they love about Yellowbelly. What makes Yellowbelly unique? What keeps you coming back? Time and time again we hear, “It’s the sides”.

So what sides do you choose? Are you like Sandwich Mike who always gets Smashed Potato Fries and Brussel Slaw?  Or are you like Everyday Scott, who never eats the same thing 2 days in a row? Maybe you’re in line with Call in Patty who, like clockwork, calls every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 to ask “What’s today’s Seasonal Veggie?”  Macaroni pie never goes out of season for Sebastian.

Whatever your style, we’re happy we can offer something different.  We’re proud that our guests have come to expect a quality, a freshness and  variety they can’t find anywhere else. Having the freedom to try new specials and seasonal offerings makes if fun for our customers and our team.

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So what’s your Favorite? Something we offer everyday or a Seasonal Veggie? Let us know what you love, if there are any that need help, and which you’d like to see back.




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