About KellyElle Larisey


I’m KellyElle.

I am a dynamic being – a force that stimulates change and transformation in each project I work on.

Not only am I a bacon-loving, bulletproof-coffee-drinking paleo nutritional therapist and life coach, I also own and operate The Little Yoga Studio in Boulder, Colorado. And, I get eight hours of sleep a night!

I continue to be amazed and inspired by the of the innate wisdom of the human spirit. Inside each of us lies the ability to discover our passion. My mission is to help you unlock your passion and create a life full of sustainable, fulfilling, and jaw-dropping abundance.

I’ve worked with clients from many backgrounds; all walking a very different path. What ties all of us together is our strong desire to connect to our hearts, let go of our armor, and create the life that we have always wanted.

I get a lot of flack for being a yogi AND living the paleo lifestyle. Ya know, the eating-meat-thing… “Paleo, and the cruelty to and suffering of the animals is, by definition, un-yogic.” “If you witnessed the pain and suffering involved in getting that bacon to your plate, you’d feel very different.” Who says I… Continue reading