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Yellowbelly chicken catering

Here at Yellowbelly, we don't like to complicate things. We opened in 2012 in our hometown of Vail, Colorado, with the simple goal to serve fun, healthful & delicious food to our friends & families. Since then, we have expanded to Boulder, Colorado where we continue to satisfy many a fried chicken addict.

Don't be scared…we're not just all natural fried & rotisserie chicken! Whether you have dietary restrictions, food allergies, or you simply choose to eat vegetarian or vegan, we've got you covered. We make everything in-house from scratch everyday using premier ingredients and sourcing non-GMO and organic products when possible.

Our meals are designed to feed 1, but we have family-style meals to feed the whole team. Our food is perfect for take-out or dine-in. We'll even send you home with reheating instructions that are sure to make you a hero amongst your friends, family and co-workers.


yellowbellychicken@stoneybaby: This is my latest quick serve favorite. Some tasty chichen! (at @YellowbellyChix)” Woohoo. Thanks!

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yellowbellychicken RT @carsonchristen: Perfect lunch for @fascat on Friday! Great start to the weekend! @YellowbellyChix

yellowbellychicken Looking good! @peterstetina Lunch and High-5s on us when you're home.

yellowbellychicken Big fun in Vail with the Yetis Grind crew. #groupride

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yellowbellychicken Having a great morning in Boulder with the Growe Foundation!

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yellowbellychicken Big shout out to all you @Triple_Bypass_ finishers and Double fishers too. We've been feeding some tired riders this weekend. Great work!

yellowbellychicken RT @Forbes: 4 reasons why competing in the Tour de France is like running a small business:

yellowbellychicken @angrybovine where the elite meet and eat.

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yellowbellychicken @asmithblog sounds great! Let us know when what works best. DM details?

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